Pas de Deux


Attitude Press

The bluebird. This can be a challange to get into. The way I learned was to basically throw my legs up into the air and get my waist at the guy’s shoulder height and then get my torso to go downward. Basically if the guy doesn’t catch the girl, the girl lands right on her head. Someone caught me everytime though!

I did this one with my dad many years ago. The hard part for us was getting the correct start. I did an assemble to land in front of him and then went straight into the lift. We did a front arabesque lift and then moved the leg to the back.

Arabesque Press
This is just a fun hold to me. Apparently the guy has to be strong or something…I’m not sure. This needs to be one smooth movement up to the peak of the lift and held there, no shaking or double pushing. A full video of this lift can be seen from the Arabesque Press Lift Link under the Video Clips.

The Fish
The fish. The next challenge is to do this with no hands, it looks different then, but very beautiful. It should have a line from the man’s pointed toe to the lady’s extended leg.

Arabesque Hold
One of the first things learned is an arabesque hold. It’s harder than it looks at first, but a good way to learn about your partner’s balance. The man’s supporting leg should line up with the lady’s supporting leg.

Arabesque En Face

The hard part about this is finding the spot where it’s not too far, but its still pushing as far as one can go. Partnering is a lot about sensing the other persons balance. This hold is all about that.