Family Genealogy

Weber Family

Dave Beaver has been putting together the story of our family. He is my great-uncle on my mom’s side. He has put together quite an amazing book with details about our ancestors. The hard part is getting the book online. I have made a PDF of the book, but it is a very large file (50MB!). If you are on a dial-up connection, I do not recommend downloading this. Please contact me if you would still like to see the book though (

Weber Family Book (50 MB – PDF)

Alexander Beaver

Alexander Beaver – Written by Bonnie Johansen-Werner (PDF)

Hawks History

I have been collecting information about the Hawks family for quite a while now. My grandma has helped me put it all together (she has the memory, I can type). For the full Hawks story, see John Hawks, A Founder of Hadley by Imogene Hawks Lane.  She starts with John Hawks, who came to the United States in the 1600s, and share stories of  his descendants through the 1800s. This a continuation of that starting with George and Cora (Gaster) Hawks.

Hawks Family Story