An Obedient Nation

A recent article, “Do You Want to Raise an Obedient Child?” from one of my favorite parenting blogs really struck me. It was one of those reminders that we’re not just taking care of a preschooler, we’re teaching someone how to act as a school age kid, a teenager and really for the rest of their life. We need to recognize their voice, not let them get away with anything they want, but show them that their opinion matters even as a 3 year old.

Then I had a reminder of all the decisions our government is making. I feel like I don’t have a voice! I realize that I can call a representative of some sort, but really I don’t feel like that will ever make a difference. This gets very political, so I’m going to bring this full circle quickly.

The timing of these two ideas in my head was interesting. Our we as a general society trained to believe that our opinion doesn’t matter to our government leaders?

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