Skirt for ME!

It has been so long since I created clothing for myself!  I’m pretty sure the last time was my wedding dress.  I started making an outfit for myself last year, but while cutting out fabric I started getting nauseous…and that was the first sign that that project was going to be pretty pointless for a while.  Its sitting in a drawer somewhere.  Perhaps I will return to it sometime.

Many months later, I have a beautiful baby boy and nothing to wear to weddings, baptism, etc.  I want to take more of a skirt and top approach to my dress clothes options.  I love making dresses, but they are limited to one look.  So, I took advantage of many short little half hour naps while home with a little one.  It wasn’t easy, but I made a skirt (pattern M5431).

The photo doesn’t do it justice either.  I haven’t been able to get a picture of me wearing it yet, but should soonish.  It has pockets, to which a friend of mine said “hey you don’t have to carry a purse!”  And I replied, “no, just a giant diaper bag.” Heh.  If I were to go out with just Mark though, then I wouldn’t need a purse.  But I kind of like the fabric and have a purse pattern that would really suit it.  So, I might have to make one sometime.

For now though, life is about to get very busy as I return to the working world.  Sewing is therapeutic for me and so I have no doubt that I will return to my projects soon enough, but it is not a high priority as we get adjusted to our new life.

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