Jacket from Sewing for Boys

For my last birthday, I got the pattern book Sewing for Boys, which was very well timed as I had just learned I was having a second boy.  The first project I made from it was the pullover jacket.  It has a big front pocket and then a little secret pocket for him to stash little things in, which he already loves.  I do have a couple of comments on the pattern though.  First, the step to make the secret pocket flap says to put the pieces wrong side together…and then turn it right side out after stitching.  I’m pretty sure they meant right side together, but then I don’t sleep much right now.  My other comment is that the photos show a different use of the contrast fabric.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the way this jacket turned out, but I expect the examples to follow the pattern exactly so I can see exactly what to expect.  Devil is in the details I suppose.

Comments aside, I love this book and I’m excited to try more patterns from it.  And I can remake this jacket in bigger sizes too.  I think I can really get into this tracing patterns thing.

Last, since the baby suddenly had 2 great days in a row, I snuck downstairs during a nap and made a belt for Will too.  So far he loves it.  He will definitely be needing it considering he is tall and skinny (i.e. pants/shorts don’t stay up).  Can’t imagine where he gets that, haha.

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