My Own Sewing Room

I’m over run with boys.  I am a lone woman in a house full of boys (and I work in IT, which is also pretty over run with boys – but lets focus on home for now).  Even the cats are boys.  And so I now have my own sewing room.  Its small.  Its a glorified storage closet really.  But its my glorified storage closet now!

Sewing Room

I need to spray paint the coffee cans.  The red just isn’t working for me.  There is a lot of organization left to do in the sewing room.  It has a lot of other “stuff” in there, most of which can probably go to goodwill.  Someday I will sort through it all.

The wooden case on the shelf below was a gift from my grandma many years ago.  It has held the bulk of my sewing tools since junior high.

Sewing Room

Today though, the shelves are hung and my table and sewing machine are moved in.  Today it became my sewing room.

(Huge thanks to my hubby for buying the shelves for me and hanging them!  It is what made my sewing room a reality!)

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